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Biriyani Junction South Indian Halal Biriyani Specialist

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Launch Project

About Biriyani Junction

"BIRIYANI JUNCTION" the name itself describes us "A place where the best Biriyanis meet.

We worked around cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, we realised the craze for Biriyani in south India. Though the flavours are different the craze is same, that is "Biriyani".

After having a small setup of hotels in those cities with regional Biriyani flavours, now we decided to setup a good restaurant at our native place "Trichy", where we can provide the best flavours of south indian Biriyani varieties at one place.

KK Nagar being the main region of Trichy, we have decided to setup our restaurant here with modern interiors, furniture's and system for a delightful dining experience.

We cook for your delight.

What We Do?

We are wrking with them since they started. wherever Biriyani Junction flies our marketing team will be the pilot.

Our Online Booking App brings the convenience of multiple stores on one single portal. We bring Biriyani Junction to offer the tasty and signature recipes of its special Biriyani.

We are helping them to brand their name and everything. Everyday we work for Biriyani Junction and its supports.

Recent Works